Thursday, October 24, 2013

How Not to Be a Shrinking Woman

I don't know Lily Myers, whose YouTube clip follows, but I know lots of 'Lily Myers'. She is strong and powerful as she describes her mother and herself and the culture which helped to shape her, for better and for worse. She is painfully aware of eating disorders and the grip they can have on us.

Please watch it. But don't blame your mothers, or your grandmothers, just as you can't blame them for the cancer and diabetes genes they pass on to you.!

And make your voice heard--please don't keep silent, waiting for all the others to share their seemingly more important thoughts.

What did you think of her poetry?

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  1. That was amazing. I am that mother she talks about. My kids see me drink milk out of a measuring cup. They see me count out my chocolate chips and write down everything I eat, double checking to make sure it isn't a calorie more. I don't want my daughter to follow my footsteps. This is an eye opener.