Friday, January 15, 2016

I'm Sorry. Blame the Bread.

You are owed an apology and an explanation. After receiving a reader's most thoughtful, concerned email I decided I needed to post. I stopped putting out blog posts and virtually disappeared (pun intended), with no warning or explanation. Admittedly, it happened gradually, from blogging 1-2 times per week to monthly to, well whenever the spirit moved me. Why, you ask? For lots of reasons.


You could say I've replaced one passion with another. Or that I've been compensating for the deprivation of the masses who have chosen a low carb or gluten free lifestyle. Defiantly making and eating bread? Maybe. I've been baking (and eating) sourdough breads and I'm thoroughly enjoying the process, the art, the texture and the taste. And no, in spite of all the carbs and gluten I've neither ballooned in size nor suffered inflammatory attacks (other than from my friends when I don't share these highly desired loaves.)

The vacuum

It's not easy to continue to write posts and get minimal feedback from readers. I know you're out there--my stats prove it--but the feedback is so minimal. And I'm no different than the rest of you; I also care what others think about what I have to say--even if you don't agree. If you've tried to respond but Blogger isn't letting you, than please let me know at info (at) 

Recirculating misinformation

Writing about nutrition fallacies falls flat. When misinformation gets out, it's most impossible to reverse. I wish we learned from our mistakes--that diets ultimately result in weight gain not loss, that deprivation ultimately will drive you nuts, and that no nutrient group is toxic. And most importantly, that you deserve to eat what you like--in public--and truly enjoy it with all your senses. I started shifting this blog to leading by example--showing real foods and meals, and practical recipes (as in which I'm hoping was useful. Like you, I'm challenged every time I hear the craziness from public figures and common folk. It's simply overwhelming and perhaps counterproductive to keep spreading their lies.

The end of DropItAndEat?

I doubt it. But maybe you can offer me some guidance. What would you like to see? And how can you get more engaged, dialoging in the comments?

Again, I'm sorry if my absence worried any you. It's nice to know you missed me.