Thursday, March 17, 2016

From eating disorder recovery & advocacy, to losing weight, to bread baking?

Got 30 minutes? Check out this podcast I was interviewed on yesterday on Heritage Radio's Feast Yr Ears.

Topics discussed include:

  • Why I love working with people with eating disorders--the most challenging of all my patients
  • More nutrition pet peeves, what simple step pediatricians can take to catch an eating disorder
  • What to say and not say to someone who has lost weight
  • The me and Cate story of Food to Eat and Drop the Diet aka why I adore Cate Sangster
  • My major food obsession. You mean you don't already know?

If you like it, please share it.

And thanks for your recent comments which I promise to respond to!


  1. Great interview Lori...and it's incredibly gratifying to realize that you projet a palpable REALNESS...through the spoken word as well as the written word. Bravo...

    (addendum: I am imagining a certain therapeutic element in kneading (needing?!) bread and am considering making friends with bread via involvement in the creative process of sourdough creations. Personally, I believe this would be more healing than 'avoidant' hobbies (e.g. knitting). Thank you for your sharing of self.

    1. Thanks! As for the sourdough making, I fully endorse it-- but only if you make a point of eating it! And it is stretched and folded, rather than kneaded. A good starter book- no pun intended- is Josey Baker (his real name) Bread. And if you're local, I'm happy to share my starter!