Sunday, August 29, 2010

Food Finds: Roasted Walnut Oil

I decided it was time to share my favorite food products with my blog followers. I will post them bit by bit (bite by bite?) as I can. Only food items I have tasted and really value will be listed. But this isn’t going to be an all-inclusive list. And I will share my thoughts about tips for fitting them into a balanced diet. Of course I will give you a few words about their nutritional value as well, although don’t expect to see a score! (see the last post for more on that subject).

To find all posts, see the label index on the blog home page. I will link them all to the label “food finds”. Let me know your thoughts on these products, as well as any others you’d like me to evaluate.

Walnut oil

Most people haven’t had much experience with walnut oil, unless you happen to live in or travel to southwest France. This brand, La Touranelle, (which sounds French, but is Californian) in particular is incredible—intense, rich, aromatic and nutty. I have tried other brands available locally, only to be disappointed. For the best price you can purchase it at Marshall’s or Homegoods, of all places! But it’s hit or miss. Whole Foods and Williams Sonoma carry it as well for a heftier price. 

Another brand available from a store called Fiore on Bar Harbor, Maine, is also terrific, and could be ordered on line.

Order direct at

Walnut oil is ideal in salads, although you can also drizzle some on steamed veggies. Because the flavor is so intense, a little goes a long way, so you don’t tend to need as much oil. Toss a couple of tablespoons onto your greens (enough for 2-3 people). Then add a mild vinegar, such as a balsamic or rice vinegar (I use the unseasoned, which does not have the added salt and sugar and tastes just fine).

Another benefit of walnut oil (besides the exceptional flavor) is that it is also quite high in omega 3 fatty acids.

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  1. I love this oil! I get the exact same brand, which does indeed have exceptional aroma and taste compared with other brands I have tasted. I order a three-bottle pack on Amazon and store it in my fridge. The whole family likes it, and my favorite way with it is on pancakes instead of butter.