Friday, September 17, 2010

I Hardly Know You!

A challenge to make your voice heard.

I’ve always loved to share my opinions, to argue, even. Really. Just ask my family and friends. And since starting this post in May, just 4 months ago, I realize how much I also enjoy writing. But writing with little response is a bit of a challenge for me. Don’t you like getting feedback? Fortunately, my patients, many of whom read this blog regularly, are not shy to speak up. I rely on the responses as a compass, to keep me directed, to know which topics need addressing, what misinformation out there in the media needs correcting. It helps me know which posts might be triggering and what to avoid stating, and to know what you’re struggling with. 

Yet so many of you are out there reading this so quietly, without a peep!

At the time of this post, you have visited over 3,200 times. Over 1,200 individuals have visited, and 62% of you have come more than once. You come from all over the map, from 46 countries so far, and increasing daily. After the US, the greatest number hails from Canada, the UK, and Australia. But you visit from Austria to New Zealand, Russia to Chile. The Americans that read in greatest numbers are from Massachusetts (no surprise here), New York (but interestingly my mother in Brooklyn hasn’t visited) and California. All US states have had visitors except for North Dakota and Delaware. Go figure!

But I don’t know why you came, what you hope to find, and if you’re finding what you were looking for. So don’t be shy! I want each of you to let me know you are out there, to tell me what you need from this sight. And let me know what you like best and what keeps you coming back. Please?

You already know a bit about me—my style, my philosophy about eating, my non-diet approach to eating well. You know by now I love the outdoors (perhaps because I was raised in the city), being active, and challenging myself. I do not have an eating disorder, though I have experienced disordered eating when in my teens and twenties. I do have MS, which I see as a great excuse for soaking up every bit that life has to offer, and not waiting until it is too late. And I love to travel and look for every excuse to do so. And to explore the cuisine.

So I challenge you to post a comment on this and other upcoming pages. Please don’t be a stranger! And let me know your thoughts about the blog content.

I don’t hope to get famous doing this or to make money. But I do intend to change people’s lives, one post at a time. Not too much to ask, is it?


  1. I've been reading your blog now for only a couple of weeks (since I 'sort of' acknowledged that I might have some food-related issues!). It's been really interesting to read how similar the problems between over and under eating are. A lot of the AN support sites are not as relevant for me as I am in my mid 3os with a family, so the teenage perspective, or perspective of a parent coping with a teenage AN sufferer, do not relate to my experiences - which tends to make me feel as though I am more alone in this particular battle than I probably am.
    So that's my feedback - and I hope it has some companionship soon!

  2. i love the positivity that flows from your posts! You always make me feel inspired :)

    thank you! jilly

  3. I read because I have known you since we were in seventh grade and I think you have a healthy perspective on eating and (non) dieting.

  4. I always am excited to read your new posts, and they definately help me out! I love your perspective on eating, and on life in general! I share your blogs with my family too, and they feel the same way!

  5. Thanks for responding! Please feel free to let me know what else you'd like to see on this site, and I'll see if I could work it in. And do say where you're from! And thanks, Plain Jane, for being the first to post!

  6. Wow, rlbobg, you've know me for 35 years and you still value what I have to say! Thanks for reading.

  7. Have been giving a lot of thought to your 'tell me what you need from this site' request - and, for me, I need the sense of hope and the inspiration to change that I get from reading your posts. I like to read about other peoples' challenges and what steps they are taking to meet them. Reminds me that people world wide struggle with all kinds of food issues.
    BTW I'm from Australia :-)

  8. Thanks for continuing to make your voice heard! You are clearly not alone in your struggle as you will learn more from the comments. I'm so glad you (Plain Jane, Marissa, Jilly and others who have given me feedback outside of the blog) find these post valuable. It inspires me to continue to offer them!

  9. I have been reading your blogs for a while now, I am a struggling bulimic desperate to finally gain control of myself. I have spent too much money on rehab and visits to the doctor, and nothing has helped. I am financially unable to help myself get where i need to be, so I have been looking for anything that will help online. Fortunatley, your blogs have been inspiring, and although I am not recovered yet, I've gained a lot of knowledge by your posts! Thank you so much for your care and concern, bless you!

  10. I really enjoy the blogs. I am planning on trying the Moroccan chicken recipe. One suggestion is to have more recipes. However, it might be easier if one were able to click on the recipe so that it could be printed rather than needing to copy it.

  11. Thanks, Anonymous! I will be putting up more recipes, but since I never measure ingredients when I cook, it takes me awhile to write them up! And I'll explore the recipe formatted printing--I personally love that!